Isaiah 30:15 NIV

This is what the Sovereign Lord , the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”

I have not written in quite some time. I almost fear to look when my last post was. I love writing. It brings me clarity and peace. I feel God’s presence in a way that is nearly incomparable. Life, however, has thrown me some curveballs of late, and time to sit and write was hard to come by. My time with God was reading, talking and trying desperately to be with others through a rash of sick kids and a recent health problem of my own. I am at peace with that. Truly, it has allowed me time to focus on those closest to me when they needed me most. As 2015 begins, it is time for me to renew focus on writing the thoughts God has put on my mind. It is time to experience His peace and clarity in big ways.

When I came upon Isaiah 30:15 in a recent devotional, I knew this was going to be my verse for 2015. While most focus on a word that God has given them, a worthy task, I generally focus on a verse. It allows me to memorize and apply more Scripture to my life: which is definitely a plus in my book. This verse comes in a passage that is stating Israel’s disobedience to God’s promises. Isaiah is restating God’s promises in the midst of highlighting Israel’s repeated cycle of disobedience. This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.” These words resonated with me in a big way.

First, God tells us (His promises are for you and me, too) repentance and rest is our salvation. That is it. We trust that Christ is our savior, we repent of our sin and then we trust in His forgiveness. We rest in His authority. We give our worries and our problems to God. We do not ruminate over why our children our disbedient, why our bodies are sick or unwell, why our friend or family member are dying. It is not that we cannot grieve, show concern, or address these issues, but so often we begin to worry in a way that is unhealthy to our body and soul. The verse makes it clear, we are to repent and rest.

Second, we are told our strength is in quietness and trust. This is completely opposed to what society demonstrates. The loudest gets heard, whether it is truth or not. We yell and scream to try to get others to do what we want. We are loud to show our power and strength, yet that is not what our Lord tells us here. Our strength, which comes from the Holy Spirit within us, comes when we are quiet and listen for the still voice of the Lord. We trust that He is good. We trust that He is leading us to our own good. We trust that we will be refined in this fire. Here we are, friends, in the midst of overwhelming lives. We are drowning in too much to do yet we combat it by adding more to our schedules, because it is a “good” thing to do. The truth is, we need to stop, quietly listen and trust that our good will become apparent. And, while there may be times in our lives where we feel like we simply struggle to get through our day, we will be doing only what the Lord calls us to do. We will focus on those people God wants us to show His love. We will renew our souls in quiet time and prayer. We will serve others in glory to God.

This verse will be my reminder that God does not expect more from me in terms of what I accomplish. He simply wants more of me. He wants my trust. He wants my love. He wants me to share this with others. Will you join me in serving God in 2015? Will you turn to quietness and trust for your strength instead of yelling for control? May God’s peace live in each of us.