How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

Psalm 36:7

I love reading the Psalms.  Something about the musical language conveys the depth of emotion that comes along with life.  Today’s verse from Psalm 36:7 shares David’s understanding of God’s love.  It says, “how priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” It does not get much more concise than this, yet the verse is full of meaning.  Today we will take a quick look at the verse and some of the characteristics of God we learn from this verse.  I invite you to read and find others I did not list.

The first part of the verse states, “how priceless if your unfailing love, O God!”  The word priceless is the first word that drips with meaning.  The technical definition of priceless is “having a value beyond all price; invaluable.” This is certainly true of God’s love, for we all fall short of his glory (Romans 3:23), yet he offers salvation for us still.  Some synonyms for priceless are: irreplaceable, precious, costly, incomparable.  There is nothing in this world that compares to the love of God.  He gives this love freely and without reservation.  God’s love for us is quite costly, even if it is free for us, for he had to sacrifice the blood of Jesus, who was without sin, in order to redeem us.  It is more precious than anything of this world, and certainly cannot be replaced by anything of this world.

David also describes God’s love as unfailing.  Perhaps the most applicable definition is inexhaustible or endless.  Even more than a love of a parent for a child, God continues to love us for all time and despite our sinfulness.  This is a love that seems beyond comprehension at times, but God has shown me to be true over and again.

The second part of Psalm 36:7 tells us “people take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” The mental picture this conveys is one of protection and loving care.  God’s wings are outstretched, waiting for us to step towards him, to rely on him, to live in the loving care he has promised.

As you continue along this week, my prayer for each of you is be embraced by the love of God and to use that love as fuel to accomplish those things in God’s will for you.  It may not be an easy task, but I can say without hesitation that God is there.