Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105

Next week begins a new online Bible Study (this time on A Confident Heart by Renee Swope), so Thursday Blog Hop will officially start again.  I love the focus and study it brings.  This time, we were challenged with an impromptu blog post and were asked: “How have you used the time in between our studies to draw even closer to God? Did you learn something you’d like to share with us?”  This was actually a fairly easy question to answer, and for once, I feel like I have achieved a goal I set out to do at the beginning of the year.  Generally, in between studies I take a break from blogging and sometimes this effects my time in God’s Word.  I promised myself I would continue blogging at least once a week in between and continue to dive into God’s Word.  The result: most weeks I continued to blog twice a week and I feel like I haven’t missed a beat as far as studying my Bible.

None of this is to boast.  Actually, just the opposite.  I would like to recognize the fact that there are many around me encouraging me so that I might share that encouragement with others.  I have had many great resources to use in order to continue studying.  All it took was a change of heart.  I have to admit, sometimes that is the hardest part for me, but this time I trusted God and stepped forward.  The result?  I have been less frustrated and feel less out of control in my life.  Have my circumstances changed?  Not really.  But I am able to be continually reminded of my blessings.  My need for Christ is in front of me so that I might continue to learn as I teach my children.  I am reminded of the need to share Christ with others, not just at church or in situations where I am sure the person is open to it.  Psalm 119:105 tells us “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”  Without God’s Word, I can sometimes feel like I am stumbling along in the dark, trying to find my way.

So, do you have something you are trying to do, but it seems impossible?  I have been there.  Let this be the sign that you can do it, through Christ.  It may not be easy, but you can prevail.  Figure out what your first step is and take it.  Remember to check in with God frequently.  Allow his words to guide you.  You may be amazed at the change in perspective it brings.

Until next week, I pray you will grasp God’s promises with both hands.