Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.

Psalm 146:3

A while back, I read a devotional by author and speaker Lysa TerKeurst titled “Even a Great Husband Makes a Very Poor God”. At the time, I agreed with the sentiment in the devotional, but did not think much beyond the relationship between my husband and I.  I certainly worked on applying it in that area, but it started striking me that this concept is true in so many of our relationships: our children, friends, sisters, mothers, fathers, and so on.  Even in the past few weeks I have realized I was placing others in a place that only God should occupy.  Psalm 146:3 says: “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.”  I am guilty of placing my trust in others, only to be angry or hurt when they cannot or will not meet a particular need.  God wants our trust to be put in Him first.  It is fine to trust others, but not in place of our trust in God.

Personally, I have been feeling a bit frustrated with my current situation.  I am tired, and often do not feel well.  It leaves me drained and behind on many of the tasks I would normally perform.  I know in my heart this is part of this season of my life, but I sometimes cannot control the feelings of frustration and helplessness that creep in.  Sometimes, I want someone else to encourage me, to lovingly remind me of my priorities, but often I feel alone.  Instead of taking my feelings before God, I have a pity party for myself.  Not much good has come from that, let me tell you.  Generally, it leaves me even more frustrated than before.  I have amazing family and friends who are there for me in so many ways.  However, many of them have their own trials at this time, so they may not be in a position of encouragement.  That is fine!  Why?  Because I should be taking my weaknesses before God first.  This has proven to be the only action that produces lasting results.

Are you in the midst of trial and feel abandoned or alone?  Do you feel those around you are treating you unfairly?  I know how you feel, but feelings are not truth.  Truth is that God wants us to put our trust in Him.  Go to Him with our raw emotions and feelings and start to process the situation through Him.  Often, you will find a peace that surpasses your trial.  You find that some things are not worth worrying about.  Others, you can approach in a loving and balanced way.  You will find forgiveness and grace easier to give, because you will realize God gave it to you when you did not deserve it.  You may even find others respond to you with increased love and grace due to your increased love.  Only God can give you the strength to do this.  He is worthy of our trust and obedience.

While I still feel tired and unwell at times, I do not feel alone.  I know God is behind me, giving me the strength to do what He has set before me.  He has blessed me with a tremendous support system, but far and away the most valuable asset to me during this time has been my conversations with God. Me, questioning and pleading. Him, instructing and comforting.  I pray you hear the whispers of “you are not alone” as you face various trials. While I may not know your hardship, He does. He will give you the strength to get through.